Your document compliance
on autopilot.

Superdocu collects and updates your clients' and suppliers' documents and information to ensure your compliance at any moment.

A simple and intuitive interface
to help you comply with local laws.

Law constantly evolves to fight fraud, concealed work and corruption,
and forces company to be even more careful when choosing suppliers, providers and clients.
Superdocu helps you stay compliant, making your "Know Your Customer" (KYC) and "Know Your Supplier" (KYC) processes easier to handle.

Automate your third-party compliance.

Eliminate manual tasks and automate your KYS/KYC processes and free many hours each week.

  • Third-party document collection
  • Automated follow-ups in case of missing files
  • Alerts in case of expired document

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Create your branded portal.

Provide a seamless experience to your contacts:

  • Your logo, your colors
  • Branded e-mail templates
  • Branded subdomains

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Monitor your client and supplier relationships.

Our dashboard allows you to take all necessary compliance actions for your company and have an overview on all your clients or suppliers.

  • Daily activity digest
  • Alerts for critical cases
  • Easy rejection of non-compliant files
  • Automated compliance e-mails

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Your data is safe.

Superdocu takes all actions that guarantee a high level of security for your data.

Hosted in Europe.

Superdocu hosts all your data in France and replicates each document 3 times to ensure a high availability of your documents in case of emergency.

GDPR Compliant.

As a "data processor", Superdocu has the necessary rights to get, host and process data sent on its platform.

Encrypted data.

Data sent on Superdocu are encrypted: personal information and files are impossible to read without our proprietary encryption key.

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Discover how Superdocu helps many industries.

No matter the industry you work in, Superdocu can help you with your compliance obligations.

Enter the new era of compliance.

Use Superdocu and put your compliance on autopilot.

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