Security at the heart of our product.

Superdocu takes all necessary steps to guarantee the safety of your data and the one of your contacts.

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Data encryption.

Your info is private (and will stay that way).

Your personal data (eg. name, phone number, e-mail address) is encrypted in our database. A hacker wouldn't even be able to exploit it if they managed to get them.

100% European hosting.

Your data is hosted in Europe on a secure infrastructure.

Your documents are hosted in France on OVH SAS' servers. They take care of the safety of their infrastructire and benefits from many of the most important certifications.

Security is our priority. The trust that our customers and partners place in us is paramount. Security is at the core of our focus and attention, at every level of our organization and infrastructure. We live amidst a global threat that is increasingly sophisticated and dangerous. To seize this challenge, we put security at the forefront of our activities in our 30 datacenters, as well as in the design of our services in the 130 countries where they are available.

Our app and database are hosted in Europe on Scalingo's servers.

Document encryption.

Documents sent on Superdocu are encrypted too.

As well as being hosted on a secure infrastructure, your documents are encrypted by our servers. This time too, your data wouldn't be readable and usable if we were hacked.

Limited access to your data.

Contact documents and information is only accessible to the company that requested it.

Only the company that invited a contact can access its files and data from its personel space. This allows the company to verify, accept, reject or download all documents.

Try Superdocu without worrying about data safety.

Start collecting documents from your clients right now, without ever worrying about the security of their data.